Here where I find the peace of mind; the limitation of the scene items, and the infinity of the horizon make all my senses and imagination work efficiently.

I was born in Tripoli, Libya, where the sky and sea are really blue, Art was my daily life style, I still sense it through the smell of oil paints and the sound of pencils scratching boards and papers. My mother was teaching art, and so was my uncle making a living selling his paintings, my father remains my inspiration, he planted in me the sense of creativity and teased my curiosity to always defy my imagination limits. Being a telecom engineering bachelor didn’t diminish my passion for art, on the contrary it consolidated my discipline and commitment to perfect my artistic endeavours.

While studying the Sines and Cosines, curves and vectors were my tools in graphic design, that was my translation of my thoughts into the creative space, seeing my surrounding through colour palettes and compositions, yet photography was a better expression to my creativity.

The creative chain would not be complete without a story linking every part of it, framing it into an integral picture, taking all my skills to a more interactive spectrum, telling stories through making Films.
Ahmed Barudi CV.


Tripoli, Libya


Phone: +218 91 111 0641

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